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Thas’ a Rummun!

A new play by Mark Finbow, Roseanna Frascona, Abby McCann, and Mylo McDonald.

At the Devil’s hour, in a small hut somewhere deep within the Norfolk countryside, a tape recorder starts to play by itself.

Based on real-life interviews conducted across the East Anglian Coastline, our production chills and scares audiences with the rich and complex history and folklore of our coastal communities.

Focused on four stories, spanning over four centuries, Thas’ a Rummun features accusations of witchcraft, folklore, superstition, poltergeists, and exorcisms all presented in a stage show designed to leave you with lasting memories of fear and a deep sense of unease.

Suitable for ages 15 years and over.

Thas’ a Rummun!

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